About Plant Site Logistics, Inc.

Plant Site Logistics, Inc., was developed to satisfy the needs of those customers who saw the benefits of outsourcing their traffic functions to a third party logistics service.

PSL was founded in 1994, starting as a 3rd party open deck outbound solution for a global manufacturing company.

Our ability to provide logistic solutions and custom software has enabled us to grow ever since.

We now manage outbound and inbound shipping for several customers at over 80 locations in the US and Mexico, with deliveries all across North America, including Canada, many destined for export via sea lanes.

PSL ships over 120,000 loads each year consisting mostly of construction and agricultural, finshed goods machinery, plus inbound shipments of parts and raw materials to keep trucks loaded and moving.

PSL is a privately owned, independent company. We are committed to providing the best logistic solutions for our customers.

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