Services That PSL Provides

Plant Site Logistics, Inc. can provide these services...

  • Warehouse and Inventory Control - PSL web based yard management software enables the customer to see real time inventory at a glance.
  • Post Assembly Line Product Modification - PSL is well trained and experience in installing components, decals, Lojack, removing tires.
  • Automated Load Building and Consolidation - PSL's state of the art software can build thousands of orders into loads,  that may have different origins and destinations,   with just a push of a button.
  • Shipment Preparation - PSL is experienced in crating, export preparation, pre delivery inspections, adding rust inhibitors.
  • Loading - All PSL loaders are certified in crane operations and fork truck operations. Additional training is required to safely run the customers equipment for RORO type freight.
  • Shipping Document Preparation - PSL provides doc receipts, mark boards, Bill of Lading and any custom forms required by the customer.
  • Carrier CSA Review - PSL reviews and distributes carrier scores monthly.
  • Consignee and Carrier Notification - PSL sends EDI 204's and email notifications to carriers on load tenders. Automatic notifications to dealers/consignee can be setup on request.
  • Claims Management - PSL has an experienced staff that can help facilitate claims management and resolutions.
  • Open Market Bid System - PSL utilizes a customer specific web interface to solicit bid rates. The customer has the option to choose and manage the carriers they want to use.
  • Tariff and Contract Negotiations - PSL will work with the customer and carriers to develop contract lane rates. These rates are loaded into the PSL data base and used to pay the carriers automatically when the load is delivered.
  • Freight Bill Audit and  Payment - Once a load is delivered PSL pays the carriers electronically using ACH.  20 percent of all freight bills are audited manually.  PSL pays freight based on pre-negotiated tariffs or and agreed upon bid price.
  • Management Reports -
              Carrier score cards, Aging, Cost savings, Trend analysis.
              PSL will customize any management report to meet our customer's needs.

PSL's primary goal is to design software to meet our customer's needs, not make the customer fit into our software.  At the end of the day, if PSL can't provide a service that utilizes efficiencies that save time and money for our customers, we are not doing our job.

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